Monday, February 05, 2007

Credit Cards

I respect a person who does not own a credit card... :)


kediaku 10:53 PM  

lesson to be learn:

1) apply a different credit card with a lower credit limit is you want to give a supplementary card to your love one.

2) please be more precise with ladies, don't give them loopholes to exployed.

Spidey 11:43 PM  


serial,  7:57 AM  

haha new year's resolution : pay off card balance!

spidey,  8:32 AM  

hahah...thats my resolution for every year..

Cuboiart 8:19 PM  

always pay full. and buy a house with credit card (kalau boleh hahah) dapat kan points. convert ke airmiles utk upgrade business class.

Spidey,  8:25 PM  

hahah...good advise..let me try that this year..haha...not on buyin house tho...inda cukup duit..heheh

Mr Bonus,  8:25 PM  

Bonus't forget to join 1 million bonus point activity.

GMe,  7:12 PM  

1) clear off balance - so no interest. interest = riba

2) make full use of the points - i think for 2006, i got $300 Hua Ho voucher equivalent

3) don't get gold card cos the fees are so high! $120 for main card and $80 for supplementary.

4) get lower limit cards for your online shopping.

5) make full use of the interest free instalment if you need to buy big ticket item, eg Canon 5D kah or Nikon D2 hehehe

Spidey 7:49 PM  

gme:bila u order via internet lagi?hehe need to buy lens..heheh

GMe,  2:45 AM  

spidey, kan mengorder tah ku ni - just a 50mm f1.8. sold mine to kantalensa and thought of buying f1.4, rupanya mahal berabis heheh

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