Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pay Day

Am I strong enough to let my "better-half" conscience decide what to buy?... hmmm.. :)


Dom Focker,  5:00 PM  

banyak jua kan ko bali.. haha.. sadang2 eh.. save lah, cana kan lads spore trip to orchard towers?? hahahaha

Spidey,  6:36 PM  

hahah..bah bila tani ke singapore?

greenlantern,  10:46 PM  

bah .. ke singapore tah next week .. aku tunggu kamu sana. Orchard towers here we come ... hahahah

Anonymous,  10:24 AM  

buy 25th anniversay optimus prime!

kediaku 3:49 PM  

apa lagi orchard towers... terus ke batam sja.....

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