Monday, February 19, 2007


It was a "hot" day for golf.. hehe.. nuff said.. :)


Greenlantern,  12:05 AM  

Wow .. 88 Gross .. ure on fire dude. Congrats .. boleh minta bola pro-v ah?

Spidey,  8:17 AM was just a nice day..heheh

serial,  8:39 AM  

now that's showing off :p heheh

congrats dude ..

Spidey,  9:38 AM  

Serial:haha..i have too dude..this happens very rare...

Kapt M,  8:11 PM  

That's not show-off, that's apply to human torch...hee.

Greenlantern,  10:14 PM  

Looking at the score(@drmgolf) .. everyone played good. Pressure ku eh ..

Cuboiart 10:17 PM  

congrats.... siok eh! damn it we are so in different league...

spidey,  10:48 PM  

its still an open table...everyone has a chance...loads more to grab..hehe

gme,  2:12 PM  

Wow steady eh spidey.... congrats... cam jeles saja serial atu hahah

Anonymous,  3:23 PM  

gme : yeh man im really jealous heheh :p

who doesn't want to score 88!

spidey,  9:07 PM  

Gme:hehe thanx..very lucky that day..

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